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    CuraTel is a telecom service of Curacao. Curacao ranks among the top 50 electronics and appliance retailers in the U.S. In the years since our recovery from the 1992 riots, the company has expanded many times over, adding new stores and warehouses, offering new services beyond retail sales, and becoming the most trusted name within our market. Curacao gains momentum with each passing year, with plans to enter Hispanic markets in new cities and give more communities access to our quality products and services. Here at Curacao we value our unique relationship with our customers. The local Latino population is more than a market of the U.S.; it is a vibrant community, and Curacao is an active member.

    Who we are

    CuraTel is your your best choice in communication, is the best alternative in the market for local phone service - quality at low cost. In addition to its outstanding local service, CuraTel offers competitive plans, Long Distance Service and Internet.

    In the past the communications market was saturated by a monopoly of the telephone companies whose only interest was to provide high-cost phone service. Currently, the options have expanded, but the customer treatment remains impersonal and inflexible.

    In CuraTel we are committed to offer a service that is affordable and backed by a company already established such as Curacao. Here you will find local telephone service from $ 6.84 * per month, plus excellent rates for Long Distance to Mexico and Latin America included.

    What we do

    Founded in 2001, Curatel provides local telephone service and long distance to thousands of Hispanics in the United States, thus becoming one of the largest communications companies prominent in the Hispanic market.

    Our long distance service offers a free membership that lets you communicate with your family abroad for a small fee. CuraTel believes in customer service, no gimmicks, no access fees and no extra numbers to dial. Every month you will receive an invoice detailing your calls. You also have the flexibility to make payments in any of our Curacao stores. Our customer service is personalized and bilingual. You can get our services visiting any of our stores or call us at Curacao 1-866-287-2366.

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